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Hey, I'm Chrystal!  This site is dedicated to giving you some insight into my life, give inspiration for your own life, and finally to help you figure out your own Very Last Thing...what's your signature mark?

First, a little about my background:

Most people characterize themselves as being either left-brained (analytic and mathematical) or right-brained (creative and artsy).  Well, with Martha Stewart for a mom and Bob Vila for a dad, I ended up with both.  My youth was one of arts and crafts, computer programming, and hanging lots of drywall.  Amazing how this never left me - I've been a writer, deejay, and research analyst to name a few things.

From as early as I can remember, my life has been influenced by fashion.  Many a Saturday morning was spent on trips to Knepp’s department store in Bay City, Michigan with my mother and aunt on the hunt for a shoe bargain (both my mom and my Aunt Mary rival Imelda Marcos when it comes to shoes) instead of watching cartoons.  I firmly believe the shoe bug is a genetic condition—my own footwear collection is a sight to behold.  Some of my best memories are trying on my father’s hats and wishing for the day he’d bestow a classic Dobbs fedora upon my head.  Bygone are the late nights of my mom sewing and fitting my latest holiday/special occasion dresses, but one thing is for certain; I got the best of substance and style.

Life has pushed me in many directions; and not always linearly. Initially I wanted to pursue psychiatry so I obtained degrees in social psychology and criminal justice.  Passions and directions change, and I’ve contemplated law, public administration, and business administration but landed in public health/epidemiology.  I’ve always had an active interest in medicine and always the desire to help others, so it was a sound decision at the time. 

My left brain’s analytic needs were satisfied, but the creative right-brain felt starved.  To fill the gaps, I’ve been a fashion writer and a jewelry designer and one day it just clicked.  After years of being referred to as “that well-dressed woman with the great bag” and being the person that strangers and friends alike go to for fashion advice, my calling became very apparent.

As a trained image consultant, I specialize in body type analysis, color, and trend analysis. Together, we will identify your goals and make your style dreams reality. 

My background has prepared me well to be your image consultant.  My psychology background helps me understand your goals in how you want to portray yourself.  My analysis skills are crucial to trend forecasting and integral in displaying visual information (you!) My motto is when you look great, you feel great and I want every day to be your best.  Let the world see who you really are!


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