"Chrystal was the first stylist I ever worked with...before I ever understood what a stylist even does.  I’m a jazz artist and it was the first time I was starting to work with my outer style and image - and I had no idea where to start.  I always read tons of fashion magazines and bought clothes that I thought I loved, but I never could quite pull everything together in a way that really worked and had impact. 

What was so cool about Chrystal is that when we sat down for my first consultation, she really dug deep to help me find more than just an outfit; she was helping me find myself through fashion.  She really showed me how clothes and accessories where meant to be an extension of my personality so that I wore the clothes and not the other way around.  I also loved that she helped me understand much more about body type…far beyond the simplistic apple and pear shape examples that magazines give.  And she helped me understand basic tailoring and cuts of clothing, which I hadn’t really known before.  She really changed my whole shopping game so that I could be more decisive and target the exact kind of statement pieces that I loved and could invest in - where as I was clueless before and probably throwing a lot of money out the window with bad purchases! ;)

So I am eternally grateful for that!  She’s already worked on a couple of photo shoots with me and will be working with me again for an upcoming shoot.  She’s so easy to work with but I also trust her because I can tell she always has her finger on the pulse of what’s current and relevant, but also unique and daring.  So I hope to continue working with her for years to come..."