Image consulting 

Before grabbing your keys, what's the very last thing you do before walking out the door?  Perhaps, it's looking into a mirror to check that everything is just the way it should be. 

The Very Last Thing focuses on making sure that your very last thing is always being at the top of your game through image consulting and styling.  My number one goal is to take what's in your head and in your heart and make sure that is reflected in the way you look. With over 10 years of experience in creating the right look, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your image goals.

Image is a powerful communicator.  While clothes have always made the (wo)man, visual communication and personal branding are increasingly important in the Internet age.  With the rise of Pinterest and YouTube, we have been forced to be visual learners and style now shares the playing field with substance.  The Very Last Thing focuses on your needs as a visual communicator - what do you want to say to the world?  The Very Last Thing strives to help you be a gorgeous, comfortable and confident communicator through a comprehensive image experience and focuses on that very last thing that makes you uniquely you.  

Services offered:

  • Wardrobe analysis/Closet clean-outs
  • Color analysis
  • Body and line analysis
  • Personal shopping
  • Professional work styling
  • Seminars and classes
  • Fashion's Night In parties
  • Hosted Clothes Swaps
  • Corporate dress code review 

So, what's your very last thing?  Contact us for more information or schedule a 50 minute in-person or virtual consultation to get started!