A+ Traveler Approved Backpack Roundup

I've carried just about every bag you can think of on an airplane (giant suitcase that can fit a certain 4'11" friend of mine, cloth shopping bag, vintage Pan Am flight bag) and as much as I hate to admit it, backpacks are wonderful for travel.  Sadly, backpacks worth using for travel are often bulky, ugly, or worse, make you look like a school child.  I should know, as a 19 year old, I carried the same ugly Jansport backpack complete with Sharpie stains and duct tape repairs for four years.  Do better.  I promise it's worth it.  

Nowadays my travel bag of choice is generally a weekender bag - a lemon yellow leather doctor's satchel to be exact, but if I'm hopping off a plane or train at 10am and don't expect to make it to my hotel until 7pm, then a backpack is a sure bet.  I can remain stylish and comfortable and still be on the go. 

These backpacks probably aren't going to get you through three months of backpacking in Europe, but they will get you through a weekend in Toronto.  

Here's the goods:


  1. Hipster Urban Backpack in grey - Yes, the brand is actually called Hipster.  Was it meant to be ironic?  Who knows.  If you're a fan of a certain Swedish outerwear company that starts with an F and ends in expensive, then the Hipster brand is for you.  You get the same style and from what I can tell, durability at a fraction of the price.  This rucksack isn't huge, but certainly big enough for a couple of summer outfits and toiletries.  
  2. Herschel Supply Company Little America Backpack in tan - Another hipster favorite, Herschel makes backpacks that look good enough to carry anywhere.  The Little America is amongst one of the more popular ones and has enough space for clothes, toiletries and a 13" laptop too.  Plus this style looks great for males, females, and anyone in-between.  
  3. Anello Polyester Backpack in black - Another smallish backpack, I love the top zip on this one.  Leave it to the Japanese to elevate basics to something super cool.  I can pop my 11" Macbook Air in this one, two changes of clothes toiletries, and my water bottle and I am good to go.  While I have this one in black, it comes in plenty of on-trend colors and styles to accommodate your look.
  4. Duluth Pack Laptop Scoutmaster in dark brown - I adore the simplicity of envelope backpacks and I really love Duluth Pack (although they can be pricey).  This laptop bag gives you some extra padding to protect your precious gear, but can still take on your travel needs.  I have a very large Duluth Pack that I use for camping or longer trips, and the only downside to it is that it has no internal pockets, but the Scoutmaster has some extra bells and whistles to help you with efficiently packing.  
  5. Matt and Nat Greco Canvas Backpack in black - For those that are looking for eco-friendly options, you should check out Canada's Matt and Nat.  Most of their vegan leather items are actually made out of plastic soda bottles, but this canvas bag is sleek, sophisticated and can hold your 13" laptop as well as plenty of other items.  
  6. LeSportsac Women's Classic Voyager Backpack in stripe - LeSportsac's bags are fun with their crazy prints, super roomy and stuffable, and easy to throw in the washing machine.  This one is no exception.  The stripe is a little conservative for a usual LeSportsac pattern, but it is one that will go with practically anything.  

What's your go-to travel bag?  Love to hear from you in the comments!

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