Workout Wednesday - Keith Caden

Keith, demonstrating his disdain for the gym...

Keith, demonstrating his disdain for the gym...

It's been a goofy week around these parts without many posts, but I couldn't let you down for a #workoutwednesday!  This week's guest selector is none other than celebrated multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, acclaimed photographer, resident fridge cleaner, and other half, Keith Caden

I laud Keith's taste in music, (except for that skiffle period) otherwise we couldn't live under the same roof.  If they're playing this playlist at the gym, you can sign me up for a membership...

If you want to hear more from Keith, check out his Bandcamp page.  If you want to see more of Keith's work, you can check out his Tumblr.


I'm not a massive fan of the gym, to be honest I find it kind of boring...thus, if I do make it to the gym, and you see me there, please feel some pity as you watch me struggle...

1.  My favorite gym activity is, probably the running machine. It involves the least amount of concentration on my part, and I'm less likely to embarrass myself with a failure to lift the correct amount of weights etc. I can just listen to my head set, and feel I've achieved something moderately healthy. A win, win scenario.

2. My favorite non-gym work out activity would be cycling and walking. (I cycle and walk pretty much everywhere) I've never really regarded these as a work out, as they're just how I get around...but they do keep me relatively fit.

3.  Best clothes to work out in? Just the usual gym type things (sweatpants and t-shirt, etc.) I'm never going to look my best sweating and swearing in a as long as I can move in the outfit, I'm not that fussed.

4. Best gym shoes? I wear a pair of Adidas Samba trainers in the gym.

5. Favorite gym warm up activity? Well I cycle to the gym, so that's a kind of warm up right?...then I'll use the rowing machine for a bit.

6. Most hated yoga pose? All of them! I've been to yoga maybe twice in my life....and on both occasions I was terrible at all of it.

7. Favorite post work out snack? Well, I could lie and say some 'micro-bionic-superfood-this weeks must have salad' type thing...but truthfully... it's usually crisps (chips) and chocolate (and I feel indignant and there's no shame to that...after all I've been to the gym...)

8. Favorite smoothie combo? Not really a fan of's a texture thing.

The logic behind my gym track listing is 15 tracks for cardiovascular exercise, and then 5 tracks for cool down .

Now I'm going to nominate 'Chris the Dancer' to take part in listing his work-out track listing. Chris has been a friend of mine for many years. He's a respected D.J currently residing in Belgium, and a dancer by trade.