Workout Wednesday - Nerissa

Nerissa demonstrates the power of air yoga

Nerissa demonstrates the power of air yoga

This post begins a series of Wednesday columns to help motivate you to keep it movin'.  Every week we will interview someone new for fitness ideas and inspiration.  Oh, and we can't forget the essential music to get down to.  It's so much easier to bust through bicep curls when you can boogie to Britney.

Our inaugural interview is with my best friend and college roommate Nerissa who manages to embrace physical fitness with a vigor that I cannot find anywhere deep in my soul... Bless!

1.  Favorite work-out activity at the gym: Running (treadmill or track), squats with kickbacks

2.  Favorite non-gym work out: power yoga, aerial yoga


3.  Best clothes to work out in: Sweat wicking. A high support sports bra is a must. I've also been in love with my floral fade tights from Athleta for the past year. My favorite top changes regularly, but I generally love tops with side or back cutouts that allow for breathing room and are snug near the bottom so they don't travel upwards.

4.  Best gym shoes: Adidas Supernova Glide Boost - so comfortable, from the very first use. I've never felt like there was a "breaking in" period with them.

5.  Favorite warm up activities: Neck and shoulder rolls, yoga stretches - cat/cow, downward dog, child's pose.

6.  Most hated yoga pose: Ustrasana/Camel

7.  Favorite post work-out snack: Almonds, apples (Honeycrisp or Gala), or popcorn. When I'm feeling bad, it's probably a bag of Fritos or ice cream. I work out so I can eat, for real.

8.  Favorite smoothie combo: AB&J - almond milk, almond butter, berries (blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry), ice; baby spinach optional if I really need my greens.


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