Ten Ways to Practice Self Care in Troubled Times

I'm exhausted, anxiety-ridden, and angry today and my concentration will be scattered and sparse.

I am generally not a worrier, but I'm undoubtedly worried now. I'm still incapable of processing what has happened here. With that said, I'm definitely more of an action-oriented person, so I had to do something - even if it was just to give others ideas on how to look after themselves.

Here are ten ways to practice self-care so that you can engage in healing activities, regain strength and resolve, and can be a caring resource to others.

  1. Do the social media thing, then put it away. Vent, shout, be a voyeur, then stop. You are reopening the wound every time you participate.
  2. Stick to a routine. I don't care what that routine is. A routine doesn't require as much in brain resources as focusing on difficult tasks does.
  3. Engage in something physical and repetitive. Knitting or cleaning are good options. Repetition frees the mind from being overly taxed.
  4. Embrace nature. Spend some time outdoors amongst grass and trees and mentally connect with the earth beneath your feet.
  5. Engage in a spiritual practice. Fellowship with people who affirm your self worth, meditate, or pray. If you do not have a spiritual community, that's ok too. Find one if it suits you, or practice alone. Many houses of worship will be open for contemplative time.
  6. Volunteer your money, resources, or time. Sometimes giving to someone else is the best way to take care of yourself. It fosters a joyful mood.
  7. Sweat it out. Exercise releases endorphins and forces you to concentrate on a physical, rather than mental task.
  8. Create. Put your energy into artistic, creative expression. Put your feelings in a tangible form on paper, canvas, or in sculpture. Write music. Stress bake. Indulge in or develop a creative task.
  9. Sleep. Stress often drives insomnia, so take the time to rest more if needed.
  10. Sit quietly and enjoy a [nonalcoholic] beverage. Take the time to sit and be calm and turn your attention to the beverage that is nourishing you. Do your best to focus on being in the moment and the cup in front of you. Whether it's a cup of tea, or simply a glass of water, this meditation can help still your mind. Give gratitude for the cup, for the present moment, and the knowledge that all things are taken one minute at a time.

Take care of yourselves.
In peace, love, and light, Chrystal