Workout Wednesday - Surviving the Office Holiday Party

Brought to you by a piece of my mama's sweet potato pie...

Oh snizzap, it's barely a week past the annual Glutton-Fest we call Thanksgiving, you've drunk all the Beaujolais Nouveau, and your pants are feeling just a wee bit tight.  And here rolls in December, better known as Dieter's Hell, complete with cookie exchanges, renditions of fruitcake and party upon party.  The stretch between November 22 and January 2 can leave one with stretch marks so let's talk about some feasible ways of enjoying the holidays without blowing things (including yourself) out of proportion.

We're going to assume that your calorie count on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day is already of Michael Phelps fame.  So you know those two days are toast.  Put your dreams of eating light to bed and move on with your life.  However, what you can do, is exercise restraint at the other gatherings of the season.

Drink More Water

I feel dumb even saying this, but it's true.  Your skin is parched from the wind and cold anyway, so do your body a favor and up the ante on guzzling enough H20 before you head out to your soiree.  This will keep you from being first in line at the beef wellington buffet, plus it will help combat any deleterious effects from the mulled wine you'll be sipping.

Go Easy on the Glögg

And speaking of mulled wine....this one should be a no brainer, but choose drinks that encourage you to sip and not guzzle.  Mulled wine or vin glögg is a good choice as are spirits like cognac and whiskey.  Take your time with your glass and stop for a non-alcoholic seltzer water between drinks to cleanse the palate.

Fiber is Your Friend

Before showing up to the holiday gig, have a fiber-heavy snack.  Nuts are a good choice since they are full of fat, fiber, and protein, but go easy on them as the calories do add up.   Like edamame?  Great!  The fiber will fill you up and also keep you regular should you decide to dive into the cheese board face first. 

Work the Room 

Holiday parties can be marathon caliber events, so keep moving, since it will detract you from sitting in a corner eating.   Flitting from conversation to conversation keeps you engaged and you're less likely to be caught lounging by the spinach artichoke dip.

Forgive, but don't forget

So what if you really ate 9 deep fried mac and cheese bites Sunday night.  Just don't make it a regular occurrence.  If you indulge a bit too much at the venue, recognize it for what it is and move on.  One or two gluttonous meals don't ruin the whole bunch.