Super Simple Not-so-Secret Guide to Looking Fabulous, Everyday.

I hope this changes your life.  Even if it doesn't, it might let you in on a few "secrets" to help your A.M. A-game.

Biggest secret?  Start the night before.  I mean, duh, but really.  Who has time to have an existential crisis when you are due in your boss' office an hour later?  Stay off the struggle bus by taking 20 minutes doing these next three things before you go to bed.  Bonus points if you bathe - you just won back 25 minutes of your morning.

  1. Check the weather.  This is smart girl tip numero uno.  Knowing what the whether is going to be the next day gives you a leg up on dredging the wellies from the back of your closet if it's going to rain cats and dogs, or making sure your pits and legs are freshly shaven if it's going to be 100 in the shade.  
  2. Check your schedule.  Got dinner plans after work?  Meeting with a new client? Midday Zumba?  Plan and prep. Swap out your button down for a sparkly top (dinner).  Make sure your "non-iron" (ppfffffttt!) Ralph Lauren oxford is creaseless (client), and make sure you didn't forget to pack your deodorant and sports bra.
  3. Pick out your clothes the night before.  Again, 6:16 A.M. is a terrible time to lose your cool over wool and rayon - cripes, you haven't event had coffee.  Don't do it.  I'm not saying you have to commit to a week's worth of outfits on Sunday, but at least plan your outfit in your head the night before.  Give yourself some zen points by not doing this task under duress.  
  4. Let one piece be the star of the show.  I often choose one item and build everything else around it.  Maybe it's a gold belt or a tunic dress.  I focus on the one item and build around it.

This alone will launch your out the door with an extra 15 minutes to guzzle whatever Keurig concoction gets you going.


Ready for some more?

  1. Have a default uniform.  Crap, you fell asleep on the couch at 8pm and woke up at 8am...with 25 minutes to get to work.  There's no time to mull over whether that orange top really goes with those brown pants.  Have a version of a uniform always at the ready. It might be a button-down shirt, trousers, and loafers or a shift dress with tights.  Whatever it is, it could possibly keep your head off the boss' chopping block.
  2. Simplify your beauty routine.  Look, I am super lucky if I swipe on lipstick before I leave in the mornings. Nowadays, there are oodles of multitasking products to whittle down time spent on making up your face.  I'm a fan of the BB and CC creams which go on like a tinted moisturizer, give you decent coverage and dry to a natural finish.  I keep a lip crayon in my desk drawer at work - it's in a rich plummy brown shade and has sheer coverage - perfect for swiping on without a mirror.  Often, moisturizer, lip tint, and a coat of mascara is all you need.
  3. Keep beauty basics on hand.  I do not travel with a ton of makeup in my handbag.  However, my desk drawer contains a brown eyeshadow, a lipstick or two, baby wipes, a hand mirror and a mascara.  If I need to freshen up before I leave work, or if I need to pull my look together and I didn't have time before I left, I'm always prepared.
  4. Always add one thing with a little oomph.  Whether it's a statement necklace, a quirky shoe or a fun scarf.  Quickly pull a 'blah' outfit together with one chic accessory and elevate something ordinary to awesome without much effort.  I've said it many times before, but having your "signature" thing is a surefire way to make sure you always look great.  I wear a stack of bangles on my left arm and I am well known for it.  I very rarely take them off, so I've already got one style element that works for me 24/7.
  5. Invest in a basic everyday set of jewelry.  My everyday jewelry includes my bangles, and a basic set of stud earrings that I only take out if I am changing earrings.  Even if you aren't as lazy as I am and you take your jewelry off, having a simple default set makes mornings infinitely easier than rifling through your jewelry box.