Isabel or Ohio?

So, I'm at the Water Tower MAC store inside Macy's. Yesterday they called me to remind me of my 4:30 appointment to try the new Isabel and Ruben Toledo collection.  

Apparently, they booked everyone and their mama at 4:30 - it was packed, hotter than an elephant's butt crack in July, and grossly uncomfortable.  You know when you're in a MAC store... It's more like a dance club with the volume and the hair pumped all the way up to ten.

I've been shopping at MAC for about 15 years - it is one of the few places that carries a tinted moisturizer/BB cream or foundation in a color that matches my skin for for a decent price.  I have tons of eyeshadows, etc. from MAC - I've had enough pots and containers over the years to get about ten free eyeshadows from the recycling program. Let's just say that I'm a fan.

However, the customer service at this MAC counter was so. incredibly. BAD!  I was there a few weeks ago and bought a BB cream and they asked if I wanted to come for an appointment in two weeks to try the new Isabel and Ruben Toledo collection.  I said sure.  They called the day before my appointment to confirm, and I started to cancel it, but I said what the hell.

Finally around 4:55, someone apologized for the wait, stating they were short-staffed. However, taking walk-ins before appointments is a big no-no to me - you have no idea what I'm prepared to buy.



Fast forward to 5:10 and I finally had a makeup artist.  G, a blonde, energetic clubby type,  started me with a quick series of questions regarding my makeup preferences (super minimal on weekdays, red lippie and mascara on Saturdays if I'm lucky.)  We decided on a smoky eye.  He did a good job, but in-between each eyeshadow stroke, he was picking out products for another customer.  The multitasking just doesn't work - I had already spent an hour and ten minutes there by that point.   The makeup job looked really good, but I already have the colors that G used in individual pots (violets, taupes and purples) so I wasn't interested in buying the palette.  They were out of the green palette that I was interested in, so I went with an Isabel Toledo lipstick (the palettes are very nice, by the way.)  I was about to ring up but then remembered I had been looking for a sheer taupe-y brown lipstick, so I said hold on, I'll find something else.  I looked and he tested some on my hand, but there was nothing that I really wanted.

Anyway, I ring up for my lipstick and he asked if I wanted a bag and I said no - I took my receipt and left at 6:00pm.

The next day, I was excited to put on my new lipstick and I opened it to find it was the wrong color - it was the taupe that I did not like.  I wasn't exactly excited about having to go back to MAC that day, but I popped by after work, only to get into a near shouting match with G about the lipstick - he wouldn't back down - he insisted that there was NO WAY HE SOLD ME THAT LIPSTICK because the numbers didn't match on the receipt and there was no return sticker on it.  Now, am I really gonna go out of my way to try to bilk MAC out of a lipstick?  I just wanted an exchange and to be on my merry little way (cause I do have a life outside of lipstick, y'know).  We went on about this for five minutes - he kept denying that he sold me the lipstick although I recounted every single event of HOW he sold me the lipstick.  There was no way that I was leaving that counter empty handed and without the lipstick that I had actually purchased.    There was another MAC makeup artist standing behind him and I think she saw my eyes narrow as she tried to help with the situation.

After some back and forth, G found the actual lipstick that I bought on the counter, with its return label on it.  So of course the numbers didn't match on the receipt.  He had given me the wrong one... I received a flippant apology and I stormed out.  It's one thing to make a mistake, it's another to be ridiculously rude about it.

Love the collection.  As far as the service?  Hated it.